Since September 22, 2023, Law 25 in Quebec has introduced substantial reforms to strengthen the protection of personal data, particularly for Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs). In this context of increased governance, ERPNext positions itself as an essential ally for NPOs seeking to comply with this new regulation. 

1- Transparent Financial Management 

Law 25 requires increased transparency in the financial data management of NPOs. ERPNext meets this requirement by providing robust financial management modules. Customizable financial reports ensure total visibility into income and expenditure flows, thus meeting the transparency requirements mandated by the law. 

2- Accurate Tracking of Activities 

Compliance with Law 25 involves meticulous tracking of NPO activities. ERPNext facilitates this task by allowing the creation of detailed reports on projects, initiatives, and results. Comprehensive documentation of actions ensures optimal compliance in case of an audit, aligning NPO practices with the new legal requirements. 

3- Personal Data Management 

The protection of personal data is at the core of Law 25. ERPNext offers advanced security features, including permission management and data privacy. These aspects ensure that NPOs adhere to rigorous data protection standards while meeting the requirements of the law. 

4- Privacy Risk Assessment 

Law 25 now requires a privacy risk assessment for any project related to personal data within NPOs. ERPNext stands out by facilitating this process through its flexible features. Integrated tools enable NPOs to conduct detailed assessments, ensuring rigorous compliance with this new legal requirement. 

In conclusion, ERPNext emerges as an indispensable tool for NPOs seeking compliance with Law 25 in Quebec. By aligning their operations with the platform’s key features, NPOs can not only meet new legal obligations but also enhance their operational efficiency to better serve their social mission, thereby consolidating their leadership in the Canadian data protection landscape. 

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